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FOCUS, Self-Belief and Honesty are the Essence of  Creating Long lasting


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"Life is an incredible Journey! We must not allow 'fear of the unknown' stop us from experiencing all the beauty it has to offer, while not looking through a rear mirror." Charith.E


My Name is Charith Elpitiya and I am a Behavioural Specialist, Life Coach and Mentor. Over 7 years ago I began a journey through Mindfulness, Philosophy, Spirituality while combining Neuro Science, Cognitive Science,  Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and General Science Research to Develop & Grow and Change My Life to the Best version of myself.

After ending a 12 Year long relationship, at 28 Years old in 2012, I felt lost and confused about my own identity.

For 3 long years I was blindly wondering through my days without a purpose in my career path and life in general. At the time I was working in Finance & Accounting and constantly distracting myself by going out to movies, clubs, parties, hanging out with friends a lot and being caught in a vicious cycle of being intoxicated with alcohol.  I wanted to break through the cycle, as I saw myself like a dog chasing their own tail.


Once being stopped for a D.U.I, I blew 3 times over the legal limit; I was ignorant and naïve at the time- this was my turning point. During the time I was waiting for my license to be re-activated, 6 long excruciating months, I realised, being honest with myself without judgment, was the key to understanding what I was truly running away from and what was stopping me from moving forward in life.

It was my past. Past decisions, actions, regrets, relationships, what ifs, why's and so on. "A ship cannot sail if the load is too heavy" - Alan Watts.  

How I Can Help You

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